The most innovative NFT-FI project in the space right now. We are a community-based incentive protocol for growing fractionalized NFT liquidity with innovative tokenomics using SBTs, NFTs, and Bonds.

nft royalties are dead

NFTs are dying

NFT sales have plunged 97% from their peak, with top collections like Bored Ape Yacht Club seeing over a 50% drop in floor prices. This decline in the NFT market stems from a lack of liquidity. We are here to fix that.

The mission is to foster a new generation of liquid blue chip NFTs and projects implementing NFTs into their token model

FOMO Cards

An exclusive NFT collection with the following perks:
- Exclusive alpha about FOMO and our ecosystem on Discord
- Access to FOMO Campaigns on Postmint
- Temporary FOMO DAO Governance until RISKTAKER NFTs get deployed
- A tiered reward system with enhanced benefits
[Coming soon]
- Token-back rewards from on-chain affiliate programs
- Reputation system

nfts will no longer start off illiquid

Govern in FOMO Engine v1

Control the flow of liquidity in the NFT market.

NFT LSDs are coming

Noob Friendly LP Vaults

Liquidity ranges are managed, $FOMO incentivized, and the fees are automatically compounded for you, allowing for a passive liquidity providing experience using our active liquidity management vaults.

RISKTAKERZ are coming

and you are not ready!

Building something?

Contact us to help you get started in the FOMO Ecosystem and get support from the RISKTAKERZ!
- Incentivized marketing campaigns
- Help with bootstrapping NFT liquidity and implementing NFTs into token model
- Support from the FOMO HOUSE community and ecosystem

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